Carpets & Rugs

Carpets and Countries of Origin

We stock a wide variety of new and antique Carpets. Our director Mayer, travels to far-flung destinations such as Tibet, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan to source the only the rarest and most exquisite carpets for our clients. Our carpets are sourced from the following regions in the Middle East and Asia:

  • Afghanistan Iran( formerly known as Persia)
  • India
  • China
  • Tibet

These are some of our most popular selections of carpets:

  • Choobies
  • Afghan Carpets
  • Persians
  • Modern carpets
  • Kilims
  • Gabbehs
  • Needle Point Carpets
  • Aubussons

Our carpets range in sizes from 30×30 cm to 7×4 metres wide. Clients also have the option to have a customized carpet made according to their specification, designs and tastes.

We stock oversize pieces, as well as a wide selection of tradi-tional and contemporary floor runners.


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